5 Ways to Ensure Effortless Language Learning

5 Ways to Ensure Effortless Language Learning

Here’s 5 ways to incorporate Spanish into your everyday routine to make language learning effortless. For the purposes of this, we’ve left Duolingo off this particular list because everyone knows it and we wouldn’t call it effortless.

1. Toucan

Toucan is a browser extension that reads the web pages as you surf and automatically changes some words into the language of your choice. With hover tips on the words themselves, in-browser games, and more, you’ll be learning new words in no time.

2. Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to get better at listening comprehension and something to do when you don’t or can’t look at a screen. Duolingo has some very well done podcasts that incorporate Spanish and English in a nice balance so even if you don’t catch everything, you’ll be able to understand it. Even better with apps like Stitcher, you can slow down or speed up the podcast based on your skill level.

3. LangLandia

We’re a little biased of course, but LangLandia is an actual game to learn Spanish. Training your beast, battling against other players, and exploring the LangLandia world ensures you’re able to get the hardest part of language in – the repetition.

4. Netflix

You’re familiar with Netflix – but have you taken advantage of the Spanish shows available? Everything from cooking shows tv like Nailed It (Mexico) to awesome series like Money Heist and movies like The Platform and The Invisible Guest. Watching Spanish content is a great way to hear the language – challenge yourself and watch a show with Spanish subtitles.

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5. Change your Settings

Most people average 30 apps on their phones. Within each app, users can often control the settings. Flip a couple to Spanish and as you get more comfortable, continue flipping more! It may be a little hard at first, but the brain is a marvelous thing and you’ll be able to adjust in no time!.

5 Memorable Songs to Learn Spanish

Learning Spanish can be tricky, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to learn while listening. Here’s some songs we’ve stumbled upon throughout our years that either a teacher has shared, or we’ve found on my own.

1. Me Gustas by Manu Chao

We don’t know how we found this one, but it’s fun to listen to and you will for sure remember how to say “I like…” by the end.

2. Aquellos Tiempos by Jorge Drexler

A teacher in college gave us a test around the past tense for this song. Luckily no tests here, but there’s a lot of past tense practice packed into this one. It’s also just really chill.

3. Uno Beso y Una Flor

Aside from catching some super groovy styles, you an also get a good feel for the future tense in this song.

4. Disney Songs

Honestly, who doesn’t like a good Disney Song. It’s catchy and there’s a high possibility you already know all the words in English. Find the Spanish version and you’ll be able to follow along super easily!

5. Los Pollitos

We learned this little song back in middle school and honestly, there’s a lot of phrases caught up in the short minute. We will never forget how to say “I am hungry” or “I am cold” — which is a common state for us.

BONUS: There’s an app called Lirica that breaks down popular Spanish songs into manageable pieces so you can learn about the song itself, important vocabulary, and grammar structures.

While we don’t have songs in our app, LangLandia keeps Spanish learning fun with world exploration, beasts, and daily competitions with other Spanish learners.

3 Tricks to Learn Hundreds of Spanish Words

3 Tricks to Learn Hundreds of Spanish Words

What do you mean you don’t know that many Spanish words? You actually know tons of Spanish words… you just don’t know you know them (yet). Spanish has a lot of words that can be learned with some small adjustments to the English translation. Keep reading to learn hundreds of Spanish words in less than 5 minutes.

We’ve only included a few examples here, but you can find more here

  1. Many English words that end with -TY can be made into Spanish by changing -TY to -DAD.

2. Many English words that end with -ATE can be made into Spanish infinitives by changing -ATE to -AR.


3. Most English words that end in -tion can be made into Spanish by changing -tion to -ción.


The hardest part of any language is to continuously practice. Look no further than LangLandia to practice while training your beast, competeing against other plays, and exploring the world of LangLandia.