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Count in German 1 to 100 – German Numbers Game 🇩🇪

Counting to 100 in German is a fundamental skill that is essential to building your German language skills. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate learner, mastering German numbers can help you communicate more effectively and understand the language better. In this article, we’ll teach you how to count in German and provide some tips to help you improve your skills, and of course give you the game to help you practice and master these numbers.

Numbers 1 – 10

in German in English
eins one
zwei two
drei three
vier four
fünf five
sechs six
sieben seven
acht eight
neun nine
zehn ten

The first thing to know about counting in German is that the numbers are generally similar to their English counterparts. For example, one in German is “eins” (ains), two is “zwei” (tsvai), and three is “drei” (dray). As you progress through the numbers, you may notice some variations, such as “vier” (feer) for four and “fünf” (fuenf) for five.

German Numbers 11 – 20

in German in English
elf eleven
zwölf twelve
dreizehn thirteen
vierzehn fourteen
fünfzehn fifteen
sechzehn sixteen
siebzehn seventeen
achtzehn eighteen
nichteen nineteen
zwanzig twenty

When counting to 100 in German, it’s important to remember that the numbers 11-19 are formed by combining the base numbers with the word “elf” (eleven) and “zehn” (ten). For example, 11 is “elf” and 14 is “vierzehn” (fourteen).

Count in German 21 – 100

in German in English
einundzwanzig twenty one
zweiundzwanzig twenty two
dreiundzwanzig twenty three
dreißig thirty
vierunddreißig thirty four
fünfunddreißig thirty five
viertes forty
sechsundvierzig forty six
siebenundvierzig forty seven
fünfzig fifty
achtundfünfzig fifty eight
neunundfünfzig fifty nine
sechzig sixty
neunundsechzig sixty nine
achtundsechzig sixty eight
siebzig seventy
siebenundsiebzig seventy seven
sechsundsiebzig seventy six
achtzig eighty
fünfundachtzig eighty five
vierundachtzig eighty four
neunzig ninety
dreiundneunzig ninety three
zweiundneunzig ninety two
einhundert one hundred

For numbers 21 to 100, the numbers 21-29, 31-39, 41-49, and so on, are formed by combining the base numbers with “-zig” (twenty, thirty, forty, etc). If you want to count in german, just reverse the way you count in English. For example 21 is “einundzwanzig” (one-twenty) and 29 is “neunundzwanzig” (nine-twenty).

Listen to German Numbers

Learn German Phrases

As you practice counting to 100 in German, it’s also helpful to learn some key phrases that involve numbers. For example,

  • “wie viel kostet das?” (how much does that cost?)
  • “ich habe drei Kinder” (I have three children).

These phrases will help you use numbers in context and improve your overall comprehension of the language.

Count in German with the Game Above

One of the best ways to practice counting in German is by using interactive games and exercises. Learning games have been proven to help motivate students. The game on top of the page is a great tool to drill German numbers into your head. It provides a fun and interactive way to practice counting, and you can invite your friends to play with you as well. This way you can improve your German skills together and have fun at the same time.

In conclusion, counting to 100 in German is a fundamental skill that can help you communicate more effectively and understand the language better. By learning the basics of counting, practicing key phrases, and using interactive games and exercises, you can improve your skills and become more comfortable with German numbers.

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