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French Vocab Game – Learn 🇫🇷 Vocabulary

If you’re looking to improve your French vocabulary, then the game above is the perfect tool for you. The game is designed to help you learn new words and phrases in a fun and interactive way. You can study the vocabulary list below before you start the game, and then put your knowledge to the test by matching the words with their translations. As you play, you’ll be able to track your progress and see how you’re improving. You can also invite your friends to play along with you and make the learning experience more fun and interactive. With this French vocab game, you will be able to master the French vocabulary and improve your language skills in no time.

French Common Words List

in French in English
comme as
je I
son his (s), hers (s), its (s)
ses his (p), hers (p), its (p)
leur their (s)
leurs their (p)
que that, than, what
il he, it
pour for
dans in, on, at
avec with
tout all
mais but
il était he was, she was, it was
est is, east
à at, to, in
depuis from, since
chaud hot, warm
mot word
quoi what
comment how
quelques some
c’est this is, it is
le the (m)
voilà here is
tu you
soit either, or
de from, of, off
et and
un une a
oui yes
ils they (m)
elles they (f)
le the (m)
la the (f)
nous us, we
dehors out, outside
autres others
qui which, who
météo weather, weather forecast
si if, yes, whether
sera going to be, will be
chaque each, every
air air
alors in this case, hence, so, then
aussi too, also, as
peu few, little
maison house, home
main hand
grand large, big, wide, great
terre land
heure hour, time

French Common Words

The vocabulary list above is a compilation of common words in French that were taken from frequency lists. This means that the words on this list are the most frequently used words in the French language, making them essential for effective communication and comprehension. By focusing on these words first, you can quickly build a strong foundation of vocabulary that will serve as the foundation for your language learning journey.

Frequency lists are a great way to prioritize your studies and ensure that you’re learning the most important words first. This method is based on the idea that by learning the most frequently used words, you will gain the most utility in the shortest amount of time. This list is a great resource to use when you’re just starting to learn French or if you want to focus on expanding your vocabulary.

French Numbers List

in French in English
un one
deux two
trois three
quatre four
cinq five
six six
sept seven
huit eight
neuf nine
dix ten

French Numbers

I have also included the French numbers 1 to 10. These are the most useful numbers in French and are the building blocks to being able to use all numbers. If you want a game that just focuses on numbers, I have published a game that teaches you how to count from 1 to 10. Click this link to try my French numbers game.

French Verbs List

in French in English
être to be
je suis I am
tu es you are
il est he is
nous sommes we are
vous êtes you are (plural, formal)
aller to go
je vais I go
tu vas you go
il va he goes
nous allons we go
vous allez you go (plural, formal)
parler to speak
je parle I speak
vous parlez you speak (plural, formal)
elle parle she speaks
nous parlons we speak
ils parlent they (m) speak
faire to do/make
je fais I do/make
tu fais you do/make
elle fait she does/makes
nous faisons we do/make
vous faites you do/make (formal, plural)
avoir to have
j’ai I have
tu as you have
il a he has
il l’a he has it
nous avons we have
ils ont they have
dire to say
je dis I say
tu dis you say
elle dit she says
nous disons we say
vous dites you say (plural, formal)

French Verbs

Verbs are the building blocks of sentences, and in the French vocab game above, I have taken the most commonly used verbs and taught all the basic conjugations of these verbs. By focusing on the most frequently used verbs and learning their conjugations, you will be able to construct more complex sentences and communicate more effectively in French.

Additionally, by understanding the conjugation patterns of these common verbs, you will be able to easily conjugate other verbs with similar patterns, expanding your verb vocabulary even further. This method of teaching common verbs and their conjugations is especially beneficial for beginners, as it allows them to quickly gain a strong foundation in the language. With this game, you will be able to master the French verbs and improve your language skills in no time.

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