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Japanese Common Words Game – 100 Most Common Vocabulary

Practice Japanese with this Online Game:

10 Most Common Japanese Words

Practice Vocab

in Japanese in English S
おおい – ooi a lot of, many
いえ – ie home, household
これ – kore this, this one
それ – sore that, that one
わたし – watashi I
しごと – shigoto work, job
いつ – itsu when
ところ – tokoro place
じかん – jikan time, hour
おなじ – onaji same, identical
Japanese Common Words Game

11-90 Most Common Japanese Words

Practice Vocab

in Japanese in English S
いま – ima now
あたらしい – atarashii new
まだ – mada (not) yet, still
あと – ato after
すくない – sukunai few, little
たかい – takai high, tall
こども – kodomo child
もう – mou already, yet
がくせい – gakusei student
あつい – atsui hot
どうぞ – douzo here you go
ごご – gogo afternoon, p.m.
ながい – nagai long
ほん – hon book
どこ – doko where
なに – nani what
よく – yoku often, well
かのじょ – kanojo she, one’s girlfriend
どう – dou how, what
ことば – kotoba word, phrase
かお – kao face
ひとつ – hitotsu one (thing)
こう – kou like this, such
ことし – kotoshi this year (colloquial)
がっこう – gakkou school
はる – haru spring
ごぜん – gozen morning, a.m.
べつ – betsu another, different
へや – heya room
わかい – wakai young
くるま – kuruma car, automobile
むずかしい – muzukashii difficult
せんせい – sensei teacher
だいがく – daigaku university, college
やすい – yasui cheap, inexpensive
もっと – motto more
ひろい – hiroi wide, big
ちかい – chikai near, close
そこ – soko there
あたま – atama head
だいすき – daisuki like (something) a lot
からだ – karada body, physique
すぐ – sugu at once, soon
まゆ – mayu eyebrow
きゃく – kyaku visitor, customer
とても – totemo very (colloquial)
だれ – dare who
すき – suki favorite, liked
つぎ – tsugi next
あなた – anata you
ふるい – furui old
しつもん – shitsumon question
きょう – kyou today (colloquial)
ともだち – tomodachi friend, companion (colloquial)
はやい – hayai early
おそい – osoi late
どれ – dore what, which
うつくしい – utsukushii beautiful
いつも – itsumo always (colloquial)
あし – ashi leg, foot
むすめ – musume daughter, girl
いろ – iro color
みんな – minna everybody (colloquial)
みじかい – mijikai short, brief
むすこ – musuko son
しろい – shiroi white, blank
ひこうき – hikouki airplane
びょうき – byouki illness
ふゆ – fuyu winter
とし – toshi year
おもい – omoi heavy
むね – mune chest, breast
さけ – sake alcohol, rice wine
どちら – dochira which (polite)
あね – ane (one’s own) older sister
ゆ – yu hot water
にく – niku flesh, meat
せまい – semai narrow, small
あかい – akai red
いちばん – ichiban most, best
じゅぎょう – jugyou class session, lecture
しゅう – shuu week
かんじ – kanji Chinese character
じてんしゃ – jitensha bicycle
でんしゃ – densha train
かみ – kami paper
おそい – osoi slow
くび – kubi neck
はやい – hayai fast
いっしょ に – issho ni together, at the same time
Japanese Common Words Vocabulary Game

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