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Russian Common Words Game – 100 Most Common Vocabulary

Practice Russian with this Online Game:

Practice Vocab

in Russian in English S
и – ee and
да – dah yes
нет – nyeht no, not
в – v in, to, into
на – nah on, at, to
я – yah I
что – shtoh what, that
как – kahk how, like, as
это – eh-tuh this, that
он – ohn he, it
a – ah and, but
по – pah along, around
к – k to, towards
но – noh but
с – s, soh with, from
она – nah she, it
они – ah-nee they
мы – m-wee we
весь – vyehs all, whole
у – oo by, at
который – kah-to-riy which, that
из – is from(city, country)
за – zah for, behind
так – tahk so, like that
о – oh about, approximately
свой – svoys one’s own
не – nyeh not
для – dlyah for
от – oht from(direction)
же – zheh and, as, for
вы – v-wee you(plural/formal)
ты – tee you
человек – chee-luh-vyehk person, human
такой – tah-koi such
все – fsyeh all
мой – moy my, mine
его – yeh-voh his
её – yee-yoh her (posession)
наш – nahsh our
их – eekh their, theirs
ещё – yesh-oh more, still, yet
меньше – men-shyeh less
только – tohl-kuh only, alone, solely
или – ey-lee or
себя – see-byah oneself
если – yes-lee, lee if
уже – oo-zhe already
кто – ktoh who
когда – kohg-dah when
до – doh until
бы – b-wee would
где – g-dyeh where
почему – poch-iy-moo why
время – vryeh-mya time
раз – rahz time, occasion
вот – zdyehs here, there
там – tahm there
то – toh that
другой – droo-goy different, other
самый – sah-miy the most, the very, most
при – pree at, in, by
чтобы – chtohbi that, than, so
даже – dahzhe even
дело – dyehluh business, affair
ни – nee not even, not
жизнь – zhizhn life, living
очень – oh-cheen very, highly
сам – sahm oneself
новый – noh-viy new
ну – n-oo well…
можно – mohzh-nah one can, it is possible
рука – roo-kah arm, hand
нога – nah-gah leg, foot
какой – kah-koy which, what(kind of)
над – nahd over, above
под – pohd under, below, beneath
много – mnoh-guh many, much, a lot
немногие – nye-mnoh-guh few
чем – chyem than
привет – pri-vyet hi
после – pohs-lee after
до это – doh-ehta before
работа – rah-boh-tah work, job
хороший – hah-roh-shiy good, nice
плохой – plah-hoy bad
без – byez without
сейчас – sey-chahs now
позже – poh-zhyeh later
раньше – ran-shyeh earlier
поздно – pohzd-nah late, overdue
рано – rah-nah early
потом – poh-tohm after, afterwards, then, next
слово – sloh-vuh word
предложение – pree-dloh-zhenee-yeh sentence, suggestion
должный – dohlzhniy must, due
место – myehs-tuh place
вопрос – vah-prohs question
ничто – neech-toh nothing
тоже – toh-zhe also, too
лицо – lee-tsoh face
russian common words game
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