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Animals in French Game 🇫🇷 & Vocab List

To say animals in French, it’s very simple, “animaux”! But the rest of the vocabulary is not so easy, that’s why I have created a game for you guys to learn and practice them. The game above is designed to help you learn and practice the most common French vocabulary related to animals, including their names, characteristics, and behaviors. It’s a fun and interactive way to improve your French language skills.

Study the French Vocab List Below

If you’re struggling with the vocabulary, you can use the vocabulary list below to study before you start the game. You can also use it as a reference during the game to check the meaning of words you don’t know. I encourage you to try the game above and practice the vocabulary list below to improve your French vocabulary related to animals.

Practice Vocab

in French in English S
chat cat
chien dog
oiseau bird
ours bear
souris mouse
cheval horse
jument mare
vache cow
insecte insect
taureau bull
loup wolf
serpent snake, viper, serpent
alligator crocodile, lizard
mouche fly
lion lion
tigre tiger
dinosaure dinosaur
phénix phoenix
fée fairy
raton laveur racoon
escargot snail
cafard cockroach
manchot penguin
gecko gecko
chouette owl
vautour vulture
abeille bee
puce chip, microchip, bug, flea
méduse jellyfish
porc-épic porcupine
poulpe octopus
perroquet parrot
moineau sparrow
cygne swan
sanglier boar
zèbre zebra
chèvre goat
requin shark

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