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Learn Japanese Numbers Game 1-100

Practice Japanese with this Online Game:

By using the game above you can master Japanese numbers! Study the numbers below if you aren’t sure then jump into the game. You can even share the link and play online against friends and classmates. Counting in Japanese is an essential skill for anyone interested in the language and culture of Japan. Let’s embark on a journey through the numbers from 1 to 100 using hiragana characters, beginning with the basics and gradually progressing to more complex numbers.

Count to 10 in Japanese

in Japanese in English S
いち – ichi one
に – ni two
さん – san three
よん – yon four
ご – go five
ろく – roku six
なな – nana seven
はち – hachi eight
きゅう – kyu nine
じゅう – juu ten

In Japanese, the numbers from 1 to 10 are relatively straightforward. You just need to memorize them and it will form the foundation for the rest of the numbers.

Japanese Numbers 11-20

in Japanese in English S
じゅう いち – juu ichi eleven
じゅう に – juu ni twelve
じゅう さん – juu san thirteen
じゅう よん – juu yon fourteen
じゅう ご – juu go fifteen
じゅう ろく – juu roku sixteen
じゅう なな – juu nana seventeen
じゅう はち – juu hachi eighteen
じゅう きゅう – juu kyuu nineteen
にじゅう – nijuu twenty

Notice how the pattern changes after 10. To form numbers from 11 to 19, simply combine the word for ten (じゅう – juu) with the numbers from 1 to 9. For example, 11 is “juuichi,” and 19 is “juukyuu.” Once you reach 20, it’s represented by “にじゅう” (nijuu).

Japanese Numbers 21-100

in Japanese in English S
にじゅう いち – nijuu ichi twenty one
にじゅう に – nijuu ni twenty two
にじゅう さん – nijuu san twenty three
さんじゅう – sanjuu thirty
さんじゅう よん – sanjuu yon thirty four
さんじゅう ご – sanjuu go thirty five
よんじゅう – yonjuu forty
よんじゅう ろく – yonjuu roku forty six
よんじゅう なな – yonjuu nana forty seven
ごじゅう – gojuu fifty
ごじゅう はち – gojuu hachi fifty eight
ごじゅう きゅう – gojuu kyuu fifty nine
ろくじゅう – rokujuu sixty
ろくじゅう きゅう – rokujuu kyuu sixty nine
ろくじゅう はち – rokujuu hachi sixty eight
ななじゅう – nanajuu seventy
ななじゅう なな – nanajuu nana seventy seven
ななじゅう ろく – nanajuu roku seventy six
はちじゅう – hachijuu eighty
はちじゅう ご – hachijuu go eighty five
はちじゅう よん – hachijuu yon eighty four
きゅうじゅう – kyuujuu ninety
きゅうじゅう さん – kyuujuu san ninety three
きゅうじゅう に – kyuujyuu ni ninety two
ひゃく – hyaku one hundred

These numbers follow a similar pattern to the teens, with “にじゅう” (nijuu) representing the tens place and combining with the numbers from 1 to 9 to form each number from 21 to 29. Once you reach 30, it’s represented by “さんじゅう” (sanjuu), and the pattern continues for the numbers up to 100.

Lesser Used Numbers

in Japanese in English S
し – shi four (like death)
しち – shichi seven (like death)
く – ku nine (like pain)
You may have noticed that certain hiragana characters are missing from our counting sequences. For example: し (shi) is often avoided because it sounds similar to the word for “death” (死) shi. しち (shichi) is also avoided for the same reason. く (ku) is avoided because it sounds similar to the word for “pain” (苦) ku. These numbers are typically substituted with alternative readings in everyday conversations to avoid any potential superstitions or negative connotations associated with them.

The Best Way to Learn Japanese Numbers

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