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Italian Common Words Game – 100 Most Common Vocab

Practice Italian with this Online Game:

Practice Vocab

in Italian in English S
come like, as, how
io I
suo his, hers, theirs
che that, than
lui he, the
per for
in in, on, at
con with
tutto all
ma but
come how
questo this, that(object)
da from, since
caldo hot, warm
parola word
che cosa what
alcuni some
lo, il it
tu you
o or, neither
e and
un A, to
cosa thing
uomo man
tempo time
ne neither
essi they
noi us, we
potere can, power, to be able
fuori out, outside
altri others
erano they were
quale which
cui which
tempo time
volere going to, to want, to desire
detto said
ogni each
fa does
aria air
così like that, so
anche also, too, including
giocare a to play, game, I play
piccolo small, baby
finire end, to end, to finish
casa house, home, fireplace, residency
mano hand
grande large, big, great, cool, super, stupendous, terrific, so good
la terra land
ora hour, now, Now
occhio eye
tra between
qui here, over here
li there
tuo your
più more
già already
molto very
c’è there is
adesso now
qualche cosa something
qualsiasi nothing, any, whatever
quando when
solo only, alone, single, solely
grazie thank you
bene good, well
volta time, instance
perché because, why
dio god, God
chi who
dove where, to where
mai never
vero true, real, TRUE
meglio better
peggio worse
donna woman
tanto much
poi then
signore Mr.
paese country, town
modo way
prego please, you’re welcome
vita life, waist, living
qualcuno someone
fino a until
senza without
anno year
su about, above, up
sempre always
roba thing, stuff
prima before
dopo after, then
not even, neither
giorno day
notte night
nessuno nobody, none, not any, neither
altro other
sembra it seems
italian common words game
learn italian common words game

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