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How to Count to 100 in French 🇫🇷 Practice Game

Learning to count in French is an essential step in mastering the language. Counting is one of the first things that children learn when they start learning a new language, and it’s no different when it comes to French. In this article, we will go over the basics of how to count to 100 in French, as well as a fun practice game to help you solidify your new knowledge. Here are 5 steps to learn to count to one hundred in French:

Step 1: Learn the French Numbers 1-20

Before we can start counting to 100, it’s important to know the numbers 1-20 in French. These numbers will serve as the foundation for the rest of our counting.

Numbers 1-20

in French in English
un one
deux two
trois three
quatre four
cinq five
six six
sept seven
huit eight
neuf nine
dix ten
onze eleven
douze twelve
treize thirteen
quatorze fourteen
quinze fifteen
seize sixteen
dix-sept seventeen
dix-huit eighteen
dix-neuf nineteen
vingt twenty

Step 2: Learn the Multiples of 10

Once you have the numbers 1-20 memorized, it’s time to learn the multiples of 10. These numbers will be used to count from 20 to 100. So “vingt-deux” (20 + 2) would be 22.

Numbers 21-29

in French in English
vingt et un twenty one
vingt-deux twenty two
vingt-trois twenty three
vingt-quatre twenty four
vingt-cinq twenty five
vingt-six twenty six
vingt-sept twenty seven
vingt-huit twenty eight
vingt-neuf twenty nine

Step 3: Counting from 30 to 79

Now that we have the numbers 1-20 and the multiples of 10 memorized, it’s time to start counting from 21 to 99. To do this, we will use the multiples of 10 as the tens place and the numbers 1-20 as the ones place.

For example, to say 21 in French, we would say “vingt et un” (20 and 1). To say 35, we would say “trente-cinq” (30 and 5).

Numbers 30-79

in French in English
trente thirty
trente-et-un thirty one
trente-deux thirty two
trente-trois thirty three
trente-quatre thirty four
trente-cinq thirty five
trente-six thirty six
trente-sept thirty seven
trente-huit thirty eight
trente-neuf thirty nine
quarante forty
quarante-et-un forty one
quarante-deux forty two
quarante-trois forty three
quarante-quatre forty four
quarante-cinq forty five
quarante-six forty six
quarante-sept forty seven
cinquante fifty
cinquante-huit fifty eight
cinquante-neuf fifty nine

Step 4: Count 60 to 100

From 60 “soixante” and 80 or “quatre-vingt” (4 * 20) you count to 100 like you are counting to 20. Where 82 is “quatre-vingt-deux” (80 + 2) and 92 is “quatre-vingt-doze” (80 + 12). 90 would of course be “quatre-vingt-dix” (80 + 10). This is probably the most confusing part of counting to 100 in French, but you can master it quite easily.


in French in English
soixante sixty
soixante-neuf sixty nine
soixante-huit sixty eight
soixante-dix seventy
soixante-dix sept seventy seven
soixante-seize seventy six
quatre-vingts eighty
quatre-vingt-cinq eighty five
quatre-vingt-quatre eighty four
quatre-vingt-dix ninety
quatre-vingt-treize ninety three
quatre-vingt-douze ninety two
cent one hundred
french numbers count from 1 to 100

Step 5: Practice! Count to 100 in French Above

Now that you have the basics of counting to 100 in French, it’s time to start practicing. A great way to practice what you learned is just to play the game above. You can compete against the computer or send the URL to friends and play with them.

1 Hour with This Game and You will Master French Numbers

In conclusion, counting to 100 in French is an essential step in mastering the language. By learning the numbers 1-20, the multiples of 10, and how to count from 21 to 99, you’ll be well on your way to being able to count to 100 in French. Practice for an hour with the game above and you WILL be able to count to 100 in French.

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