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Practice High School Spanish (with Game) 🇪🇸

Langlandia Practice by Playing Game Play Screenshot

Spanish was my worst subject in all of high school, now… I speak it fluently, much better than any (non-native) teacher I have ever had. It was so difficult to get motivation to study something I was rarely using. In my high school Spanish class, I found it difficult to even stay awake. What changed? I found the secret… At least for me. For people who have learned a language to the fluent level, I actually feel sorry for them if they never discovered this, because otherwise learning a language can be brutal. You can find the Spanish game at the bottom of this page.

The secret to Learning Spanish

The secret is simple. Everybody can learn a language, everybody has, we are human being and we are wired to speak languages. Language learning is only difficult because it takes time and there’s no real shortcut (even if people try to sell you that). So, the real secret is to learn in a way that you can enjoy doing it. Like that spending a couple hundred hours learning, will feel like nothing.

Whatever you enjoy doing, turn that into a language learning experience. Find what you enjoy:

  • If you like traveling > Travel to a country that speaks Spanish
  • Maybe you like movies > Force yourself to only watch movies in Spanish language. It’s ok to watch English dubbed movies, I do it all the time.
  • If dating is your thing > Start dating a girl or guy who only speaks that language. You will find a huge rush of motivation just from this.
  • Maybe you like games > Learn through games. Below in this article you’ll be able to practice what you learned in a game. If you download LanglLandia you can try the full game and compete online and tons of other features.
  • You love reading > Get your favorite book in Spanish, then get a translator or download an app that you can translate as you read, LangLandia has that as well.
  • If you listen to podcasts > Make sure to download podcasts in Spanish for your commutes to school or for long road trips.

No matter what you enjoy doing, there is a fun way to learn Spanish.

Try watching a telenovela in Spanish with English subtitles below:

Bringing What you Learn in Class Back Home

If you want to get good at Spanish, unfortunately, just going to your high school Spanish class just isn’t going to cut it. Fortunately, you just learned fun ways for you to learn. What you want to do with this is develop a routine, to do these things at least once a day. A routine needs 21 consecutive days, to start coming easy. It won’t feel like work because you will be learning in the above ways. You may even find yourself getting addicted to these methods of learning because they are very fun. I

have tried all of them and I can tell you for sure, that I would prefer learning a language by watching a movie, than I do just watching a movie. If I watch a movie, it’s fun, but afterwards I have a feeling that I just wasted this time. If I watch a movie in Spanish, afterwards I feel like I have somehow improved myself. The same goes with games. If I get addicted to a game, a month later reality hits and I think to myself “What have I done?” If I get addicted to a game that teaches you Spanish, a month later I am showing off my Spanish skills and feeling great.

The 3 Sections of Learning Spanish – Vocab, Grammar and Sentences

There are basically three things you need to learn to get good at a language, vocabulary, grammar and sentences. They are a bit different but all are very important. Without knowing particular words, you can’t form sentences or speak or even respond. So vocabulary is the most important. The next most important are sentences. Words are the building blocks and sentences are the structures.

So after focusing on just knowing words, the next thing you should focus on is putting those together. Finally, the final thing you should focus on is grammar. Grammar is like polishing up the final structure. You can still speak and be understood without grammar, but you will be making mistakes. Grammar is important, but only after you have a solid foundation with vocabulary and sentences.

So, I have made a list of the most common vocabulary, sentences and grammar for you to learn, from within this article. Take some time on it, if you get your Griffin to the end, you will have a decent understanding of what you learned.

Study the most important Spanish words, then practice it by playing a game

Practice Vocab

in Spanish in English
como like, as
yo I
su his, hers, theirs
que that, than
él he
para for
en in, on, at
con with
todo all
pero but
era was
esta this
desde from, since
caliente hot
por for
palabra word
qué what
algunos some
es is
lo, la it
usted, tú you
o or
de from
y and
un, una A
a to
ellos they
nos us, we
puede can
fuera out
otros others
eran they were
cual which
tiempo time, weather
si if
va a going to
cómo how
dicho said
cada each
hace does
aire air
así well, like that
también also, too
jugar to play
pequeño small
fin end
la casa house
la mano hand
grande large, big
la tierra land
hora hour

Practice Sentences

in Spanish in English
Hola, ¿cómo estás? Hello, how are you?
Yo estoy bien, gracias. I am good, thanks.
¿Y tú? And you?
Gracias por todo. Thanks for everything.
De nada. It was nothing.
Buenos días. Good morning.
Buenas tardes. Good afternoon.
Buenas noches. Good night.
¿De dónde eres? Where are you from?
¿Cómo te llamas? How do you call yourself?
Me llamo Nico I am called Nico.
Soy de los Estados Unidos. I am from the United States.
Mucho gusto. Adiós. Pleasure to meet you. Goodbye.
No entiendo. I do not understand.
Yo entiendo. I understand.
Lo siento. I am sorry.
¿Cómo se dice en español? How do you say in Spanish?

Practice Grammar

Question Translation Answer
____ mesa A table una
____ carro A car un
____ gata A cat una
____ perro A dog un
____ niño A boy un
____ niña A girl una
____ bebida A drink una
____ año A year un
____ niño The boy el
____ niñas The girls las
____ perro The dog el
____ perras The female dogs las
____ casa The house la
____ médico The doctor el
____ abogado The lawyer el
____ secretario The secretary el
____ mecánica The mechanic la
____ coche está sucio This car is dirty este
¿____ es tu puerta? Is this your door? esta
____ teléfono es nuevo That cellphone is new ese
¿____ camisa es roja? Is that shirt red? esa
____ perros son grandes These dogs are big estos
¿es ____ mi bebida? Is this my drink? esta
¡____ es mi canción favorita! This is my favourite song! esta
____ un hombre I am a man soy
Yo ____ alto y fuerte I am tall and strong soy
Mi esposa ____ Española My wife is spanish es
____ estudiante de Español I am a Spanish student soy
Mi madre ____ una doctora My mum is a doctor es
La película ____ muy interesante The movie was very interesting era
Hoy ____ lunes Today is Monday es
Ayer ____ viernes Yesterday was Friday fue
Mañana ____ sábado Tomorrow is Saturday es

I challenge you to get your griffin to the end of the game!

To get your Griffin to the end of the game, you will have really learned the vocabulary and grammar. You can feel good about what you accomplished and hopefully you will have enjoyed doing it. Practicing your Spanish doesn’t get much easier than this! Good luck.

Spanish Practice Game Below

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