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city, town とし
How to say “city, town” in Japanese? “とし”. Here you will learn how to pronounce “とし” correctly and in the comments below you will be able to get all sorts of advice on city, town in Japanese like tips & tricks to remember it, questions, explanations and more.

Comments, Questions, Etc. About City, town in Japanese

Comment on the Japanese word “とし” in the following ways:

  • Tips and tricks to remember how to say city, town in Japanese
  • Explanations on the translation とし
  • Sentences that use the word “とし”
  • Questions about city, town in Japanese, etc.

とし info.

Tips to remember the Japanese word 'とし':
– Associate 'とし' (toshi) with 'town' and 'city,' both of which are places where people live and gather.
– Imagine a vibrant city, thinking of the hustle and bustle, and say 'toshi' to connect the sensory experience to the word.

– 'とし' (toshi) directly translates to 'city.' It's a term used to describe significant urban areas.
– It can also mean 'year' depending on the Kanji used (都市 for 'city' and å¹´ for 'year').

Other words that mean the same thing:
– まち (machi): This also means 'town' or 'city,' but it is usually used for smaller towns or neighborhoods.
– 都会 (とかい, tokai): This means 'urban area' or 'metropolis.'

Alternate meanings like slang:
– There aren't commonly used slang meanings for 'とし' (toshi), but context can vary widely when used as 'year' (å¹´).

Examples of sentences that use it:
1. この都市はとても賑やかです。
(この とし は とても にぎやか です。)
Kono toshi wa totemo nigiyaka desu.
This city is very lively.

2. 東京は日本で一番大きい都市です。
(とうきょう は にほん で いちばん おおきい とし です。)
Tōkyō wa Nihon de ichiban ōkii toshi desu.
Tokyo is the largest city in Japan.

3. 彼の住んでいる都市は美しい景色がたくさんあります。
(かれ の すんでいる とし は うつくしい けしき が たくさん あります。)
Kare no sundeiru toshi wa utsukushii keshiki ga takusan arimasu.
The city where he lives has many beautiful sights.

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とし info.

Tips to remember the Japanese word:

1. Mnemonic: Think of "to" as in "to" the future and "shi" as in "she." Imagine "she" is traveling "to" the future to experience different years.
2. Association: The first part "と (to)" can be associated with "10," and the second part "し (shi)" can sound like "she." Imagine someone asking a woman how many years she's lived, and she answers "10."


The Japanese word "とし (年, toshi)" means "year" and is used to denote age, the passage of time in years, or a specific year when used in context.

Other words that mean the same thing:

1. å¹´é½¢ (ねんれい, nenrei) – This word means "age" or "years of age."
2. æ­³ (さい, sai) – This is often used in counting years, especially for age.

Alternate meanings (like slang):

In some contexts, "とし (年, toshi)" can also refer to seniority or experience, particularly in professional settings. However, it is less common as slang and more formal in its usual use.

Examples of sentences that use it:

1. 彼は20年の経験があります。
– (かれ は にじゅうねん の けいけん が あります。/ Kare wa nijÅ«nen no keiken ga arimasu.)
– He has 20 years of experience.

2. 私は今年で25歳になります。
– (わたし は ことし で にじゅうごさい に なります。/ Watashi wa kotoshi de nijÅ«go-sai ni narimasu.)
– I will turn 25 years old this year.

3. この建物は100年も経っています。
– (この たてもの は ひゃくねん も たっています。/ Kono tatemono wa hyakunen mo tatteimasu.)
– This building is over 100 years old.

4. 新しい年が始まりました。
– (あたらしい とし が はじまりました。/ Atarashii toshi ga hajimarimaa.)
– A new year has started.

5. 彼は私より10年年上です。
– (かれ は わたし より じゅうねん としうえ です。/ Kare wa watashi yori jÅ«nen toshiue desu.)
– He is ten years older than me.

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