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We want in Russian 🇷🇺

in English in Russian S
we want мы хотим
How to say “we want” in Russian? “Мы хотим”. Here you will learn how to pronounce “мы хотим” correctly and in the comments below you will be able to get all sorts of advice on we want in Russian like tips & tricks to remember it, questions, explanations and more.

Russian Sentences with the Word “We want”

Russian sentence with “мы хотим” English translation for мы хотим S

Мы хотим пойти в дом.

we want to go to the house.

Comments, Questions, Etc. About We want in Russian

Comment on the Russian word “мы хотим” in the following ways:

  • Tips and tricks to remember how to say we want in Russian
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  • Sentences that use the word “мы хотим”
  • Questions about we want in Russian, etc.

мы хотим info.

Tips to Remember the Russian Word:
1. Mnemonic Device: Think of "мы" (pronounced "my") as a group or community (like "we" in English), and "хотим" (khah-TEEM) sounds a bit like "hot team", representing a group with a strong desire.
2. Association: Associate "мы" with the plural form of "I" (we), and "хотим" with wanting or desiring something collectively.

– "Мы хотим" translates to "we want."
– "Мы" means "we."
– "Хотим" is the conjugated form of the verb "хотеть" (to want) in the present tense for "мы" (we).

Other Words that Mean the Same Thing:
– "Желать" (zhe-LAT') – to desire, to wish.
– "Нуждаться" (noo-ZHDA-tsa) – to need.

Conjugations of "хотеть" (Infinitive):
1. Past Tense:
– Masculine: хоте́л (kha-TYEL)
– Feminine: хоте́ла (kha-TYEL-a)
– Neuter: хоте́ло (kha-TYEL-o)
– Plural: хоте́ли (kha-TYE-lee)

2. Present Tense: (This verb is irregular)
– я хочу́ (ya kha-CHOO) – I want
– ты хочешь (ty KHO-cheesh) – you want (singular, informal)
– он/она хочет (on/a KHO-chet) – he/she wants
– мы хотим (my kha-TEEM) – we want
– вы хотите (vy kha-TEE-te) – you want (plural, formal)
– они хотят (a-NEE kha-TYAT) – they want

3. Future Tense: (Derived from "захотеть," conjugated as a fully perfective verb)
– я захочу́ (ya za-kha-CHOO) – I will want
– ты захочешь (ty za-KHO-cheesh) – you will want
– он/она захочет (on/a za-KHO-chet) – he/she will want
– мы захотим (my za-kha-TEEM) – we will want
– вы захотите (vy za-kha-TEE-te) – you will want
– они захотят (a-NEE za-kha-TYAT) – they will want

Examples of Sentences Using "мы хотим":
1. Мы хотим пойти на пляж.
(my kha-TEEM pay-TEE na plyazh)
We want to go to the beach.

2. Мы хотим большо́й дом.
(my kha-TEEM bol'-SHOY dom)
We want a big house.

3. Мы хотим учиться русскому языку́.
(my kha-TEEM oo-CHITS-ya ROOS-ku-moo yah-zee-KOO)
We want to learn Russian.

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мы хотим info.

Tips to Remember the Russian Word:
Мы хотим (my khotim): "Мы" means "we" and sounds like "my" in English, so just think of "my team" (teamwork implies "we"). "Хотим" sounds like "hot team," so you can imagine a "hot team" wanting something passionately.

– The verb "хотеть" (khotet') means "to want." "Мы хотим" is the present tense conjugation for "we want."

Other Words That Mean the Same Thing:
– Желать (zhelat') – to desire, to wish
– Нуждаться (nuzhdat'sya) – to need (though it's not a direct synonym, it can express a similar need or want in some contexts)

Conjugations of "хотеть":
– Infinitive: хотеть (khotet')

Past Tense:
– Masculine: хотел (khotel)
– Feminine: хотела (khotela)
– Neuter: хотело (khotelo)
– Plural: хотели (khoteli)

Present Tense:
– I want: Я хочу (ya khochu)
– You (singular informal) want: Ты хочешь (ty khochesh')
– He/She/It wants: Он/Она/Оно хочет (on/ona/ono khochet)
– We want: Мы хотим (my khotim)
– You (plural or formal) want: Вы хотите (vy khotite)
– They want: Они хотят (oni khotyat)

Future Tense:
– I will want: Я буду хотеть (ya budu khotet')
– You (singular informal) will want: Ты будешь хотеть (ty budesh' khotet')
– He/She/It will want: Он/Она/Оно будет хотеть (on/ona/ono budet khotet')
– We will want: Мы будем хотеть (my budem khotet')
– You (plural or formal) will want: Вы будете хотеть (vy budete khotet')
– They will want: Они будут хотеть (oni budut khotet')

Examples of Sentences:
– Мы хотим есть. (My khotim yest') – We want to eat.
– В прошлом году мы хотели поехать в Италию. (V proshlom godu my khoteli poyekhat' v Italiyu.) – Last year we wanted to go to Italy.
– Мы будем хотеть пойти в кино завтра. (My budem khotet' poyti v kino zavtra.) – We will want to go to the cinema tomorrow.

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мы хотим info.

Tips to remember the Russian word:
To remember "мы хотим," you can break it down into its components. "Мы" (my) means "we." The verb "хотеть" is similar to the English word "hunger" (though it actually means "to want"). Think of "хот" (khot) as a part of hunger, which indicates wanting something.

– "мы" means "we."
– "хотим" is the first person plural form of "хотеть," which means "to want."

Other words that mean the same thing:
– "мы желаем" (my zhelayem) – we wish
– "мы нуждаемся" (my nuzhdayemsya) – we need

If it is infinitive then the different conjugations (past, present, future, etc.):
Infinitive: хотеть (khotet')
– Present:
– я хочу (ya khochu) – I want
– ты хочешь (ty khochesh') – you want (singular, informal)
– он/она хочет (on/ona khochet) – he/she wants
– мы хотим (my khotim) – we want
– вы хотите (vy khotite) – you want (plural, formal)
– они хотят (oni khotyat) – they want

– Past:
– я хотел/я хотела (ya khotel/ya khotela) – I wanted (male/female)
– ты хотел/ты хотела (ty khotel/ty khotela) – you wanted (singular, informal; male/female)
– он хотел/она хотела/оно хотело (on khotel/ona khotela/ono khotelo) – he wanted/she wanted/it wanted
– мы хотели (my khoteli) – we wanted
– вы хотели (vy khoteli) – you wanted (plural, formal)
– они хотели (oni khoteli) – they wanted

– Future:
– я буду хотеть (ya budu khotet') – I will want
– ты будешь хотеть (ty budesh' khotet') – you will want (singular, informal)
– он/она будет хотеть (on/ona budet khotet') – he/she will want
– мы будем хотеть (my budem khotet') – we will want
– вы будете хотеть (vy budete khotet') – you will want (plural, formal)
– они будут хотеть (oni budut khotet') – they will want

Examples of sentences that use it:
1. Мы хотим пойти в кино. (My khotim poyti v kino.) – We want to go to the cinema.
2. Мы хотим купить новую машину. (My khotim kupit' novuyu mashinu.) – We want to buy a new car.
3. Мы хотим учить русский язык. (My khotim uchit' russkiy yazyk.) – We want to learn Russian.
4. Мы не хотим этого делать. (My ne khotim etogo delat'.) – We do not want to do this.
5. Мы хотим путешествовать. (My khotim puteshestvovat'.) – We want to travel.

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мы хотим info.

Tips to Remember the Russian Word:
– "Мы" (my): Think of "My" in English, which sounds similar.
– "Хотим" (kho-teem): Imagine saying "Hot Team" but with a softer 'h' (kh) sound.

– "Мы" means "We".
– "Хотим" is the conjugated form of the verb "хотеть" in the 1st person plural (we want).

Other Words that Mean the Same Thing:
– "Желаем" (zhe-lay-em) — we desire.
– "Стремимся" (stre-meem-sya) — we strive.

Verb Conjugation of "хотеть" (to want):

Infinitive: хотеть (kho-tyet’)
Past Tense:
– Masculine: хотел (kha-tyel)
– Feminine: хотела (kha-tye-la)
– Neuter: хотело (kha-tye-lo)
– Plural: хотели (kha-tye-lee)

Present Tense:
– я хочу (ya kha-choo) — I want
– ты хочешь (ty kho-chesh) — you want (singular informal)
– он/она/оно хочет (on/ona/ono kho-chet) — he/she/it wants
– мы хотим (my kho-teem) — we want
– вы хотите (vy kho-tee-te) — you want (plural/formal)
– они хотят (a-nee kho-tyat) — they want

Future Tense:
– я буду хотеть (ya boo-doo kha-tyet') — I will want
– ты будешь хотеть (ty boo-desh' kha-tyet') — you will want (singular informal)
– он/она/оно будет хотеть (on/ona/ono boo-det kha-tyet') — he/she/it will want
– мы будем хотеть (my boo-dem kha-tyet') — we will want
– вы будете хотеть (vy boo-de-tye kha-tyet') — you will want (plural/formal)
– они будут хотеть (a-nee boo-doot kha-tyet') — they will want

Examples of Sentences Using "мы хотим":
– Мы хотим пить. (My kho-teem peet'.) — We want to drink.
– Мы хотим пойти в кино. (My kho-teem pay-tee v kee-no.) — We want to go to the movies.
– Мы хотим изучать русский язык. (My kho-teem ee-zoo-chat' rooss-kee yazyk.) — We want to study Russian.
– Мы хотим большего. (My kho-teem bol'-she-vo.) — We want more.
– Мы хотим путешествовать. (My kho-teem poo-tyesh-es-tvo-vat'.) — We want to travel.

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