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We want in French 🇫🇷

in English in French S
we want nous voulons
How to say “we want” in French? “Nous voulons”. Here you will learn how to pronounce “nous voulons” correctly and in the comments below you will be able to get all sorts of advice on we want in French like tips & tricks to remember it, questions, explanations and more.

French Sentences with the Word “We want”

French sentence with “nous voulons” English translation for nous voulons S

nous voulons aller à la maison.

we want to go to the house.

nous voulons les lire

we want to read them

Par conséquent, nous voulons que vous restiez.

That’s why we want you to stay.

nous voulons le louer.

we want to rent it.

Comments, Questions, Etc. About We want in French

Comment on the French word “nous voulons” in the following ways:

  • Tips and tricks to remember how to say we want in French
  • Explanations on the translation nous voulons
  • Sentences that use the word “nous voulons”
  • Questions about we want in French, etc.

nous voulons info.

Tips to remember the French word “nous voulons”:
– Break down the word: “nous” means “we” and “voulons” means “want.”
– Practice saying the word out loud to familiarize yourself with the pronunciation.
– Associate the word with a visual image or create a mnemonic device to help remember it.

– “Nous voulons” is the conjugated form of the verb “vouloir” in the present tense, specifically for the subject “we” (nous).
– The verb “vouloir” means “to want” in English.

Other words with similar meaning:
– “Nous désirons” (We desire)
– “Nous souhaitons” (We wish)

Conjugations of “vouloir” in the present tense:
– Je veux (I want)
– Tu veux (You want, informal)
– Il/Elle/On veut (He/She/One wants)
– Nous voulons (We want)
– Vous voulez (You want, formal/plural)
– Ils/Elles veulent (They want)

Examples of sentences using “nous voulons”:
1. Nous voulons aller au cinéma ce soir. (We want to go to the cinema tonight.)
2. Nous voulons acheter une nouvelle voiture. (We want to buy a new car.)
3. Nous voulons apprendre à parler français. (We want to learn to speak French.)

Note: The verb “vouloir” is an irregular verb, and its conjugations may vary in different tenses or moods. This response only covers the present tense conjugations for “nous voulons.”

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nous voulons info.

**Tips to Remember the French Word:**
– You can remember “nous voulons” by associating it with the similar-sounding English word “volunteer,” as when you want something, you may be volunteering yourself to take action to get it.
– Think of “volition,” which comes from the Latin “voluntas” meaning wish or will—close to “vouloir,” which is to want or wish in French.
– Break it down to “vouloir” (to want) + “nous” (we), it might be easier to remember that “nous voulons” translates directly to “we want.”

– “Nous voulons” is the first-person plural (we) present indicative form of “vouloir,” which means “to want.”
– It expresses a desire or intention by a group including the speaker.

**Other Words That Mean the Same Thing:**
– “Nous désirons” is another way to express wanting or desiring something, although it might be considered slightly more formal.
– “Nous souhaitons” can also be used, which translates to “we wish for.”

**Conjugations of “Vouloir”:**
– **Present:** je veux, tu veux, il/elle veut, nous voulons, vous voulez, ils/elles veulent.
– **Imperfect:** je voulais, tu voulais, il/elle voulait, nous voulions, vous vouliez, ils/elles voulaient.
– **Future Simple:** je voudrai, tu voudras, il/elle voudra, nous voudrons, vous voudrez, ils/elles voudront.
– **Conditional:** je voudrais, tu voudrais, il/elle voudrait, nous voudrions, vous voudriez, ils/elles voudraient.
– **Past Historic (Simple Past):** je voulus, tu voulus, il/elle voulut, nous voulûmes, vous voulûtes, ils/elles voulurent.
– **Subjunctive:** que je veuille, que tu veuilles, qu’il/elle veuille, que nous voulions, que vous vouliez, qu’ils/elles veuillent.
– **Imperative (Formal for ‘let’s want’):** voulons (though it’s rarely used in this form).

**Examples of Sentences Using “Nous Voulons”:**
– “Nous voulons du pain.” (We want some bread.)
– “Nous voulons aller au cinéma ce soir.” (We want to go to the cinema tonight.)
– “Nous voulons que la paix soit préservée.” (We want peace to be preserved.)
– “Ils savent ce que nous voulons.” (They know what we want.)
– “Nous voulons mieux comprendre la situation.” (We want to better understand the situation.)

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