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To speak/tell in Russian 🇷🇺

in English in Russian S
to speak/tell говорить
How to say “to speak/tell” in Russian? “Говорить”. Here you will learn how to pronounce “говорить” correctly and in the comments below you will be able to get all sorts of advice on to speak/tell in Russian like tips & tricks to remember it, questions, explanations and more.

Russian Sentences with the Word “To speak/tell”

Russian sentence with “говорить” English translation for говорить S

Мне нравится говорить.

I like to speak.

Я хочу говорить без ошибок.

I want to speak without mistakes.

С ней было весело поговорить.

With her it was fun to talk.

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говорить info.

Tips to remember the Russian word:
– You might think of "gov" as similar to "gove" from "govern," which involves a lot of speaking and telling people what to do.
– The "-orit" ending can be associated with the English word "orate," which means to speak formally.

– "Говорить" is the Russian verb for "to speak" or "to tell."
– It's an imperfective verb, meaning it describes an action that is ongoing or repeated.

Other words that mean the same thing:
– Сказать (skazat'): to say, to tell (perfective aspect)

Infinitive: говорить (govorit')

– я говорил/говорила (ya govoril/govorila) – I spoke
– ты говорил/говорила (ty govoril/govorila) – you spoke
– он говорил (on govoril) – he spoke
– она говорила (ona govorila) – she spoke
– мы говорили (my govorili) – we spoke
– вы говорили (vy govorili) – you all spoke
– они говорили (oni govorili) – they spoke

– я говорю (ya govoryu) – I speak
– ты говоришь (ty govorish') – you speak
– он/она говорит (on/ona govorit) – he/she speaks
– мы говорим (my govorim) – we speak
– вы говорите (vy govorite) – you all speak
– они говорят (oni govoryat) – they speak

– я буду говорить (ya budu govorit') – I will speak
– ты будешь говорить (ty budesh' govorit') – you will speak
– он/она будет говорить (on/ona budet govorit') – he/she will speak
– мы будем говорить (my budem govorit') – we will speak
– вы будете говорить (vy budete govorit') – you all will speak
– они будут говорить (oni budut govorit') – they will speak

Examples of sentences:
– Я говорю по-русски. (Ya govoryu po-russki.) – I speak Russian.
– Ты говоришь слишком быстро. (Ty govorish' slishkom bystro.) – You speak too quickly.
– Он говорил с директором вчера. (On govoril s direktorom vchera.) – He spoke with the director yesterday.
– Она любит говорить об искусстве. (Ona lyubit govorit' ob iskusstve.) – She loves to talk about art.
– Мы будем говорить о планах на будущее. (My budem govorit' o planakh na budushchee.) – We will talk about future plans.

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говорить info.

Tips to remember the Russian word:
– Think of the word "gov," which rhymes with "love." Imagine that you love to speak.
– "Orit" sounds like "orate," which means to speak formally.

– "Говорить" means "to speak" or "to tell" in Russian.
– It is an infinitive verb.

Other words that mean the same thing:
– "Разговаривать" (razgovarivat') – to converse, to chat
– "Сказать" (skazat') – to say, to tell (perfective aspect)

– Present Tense:
– Я говорю (ya govoryu) – I speak
– Ты говоришь (ty govorish') – You speak
– Он/Она/Оно говорит (on/ona/ono govorit) – He/She/It speaks
– Мы говорим (my govorim) – We speak
– Вы говорите (vy govorite) – You all speak
– Они говорят (oni govoryat) – They speak

– Past Tense:
– Я говорил (ya govoril) – I spoke (male)
– Я говорила (ya govorila) – I spoke (female)
– Ты говорил (ty govoril) – You spoke (male)
– Ты говорила (ty govorila) – You spoke (female)
– Он говорил (on govoril) – He spoke
– Она говорила (ona govorila) – She spoke
– Оно говорило (ono govorilo) – It spoke
– Мы говорили (my govorili) – We spoke
– Вы говорили (vy govorili) – You all spoke
– Они говорили (oni govorili) – They spoke

– Future Tense (compound tense):
– Я буду говорить (ya budu govorit') – I will speak
– Ты будешь говорить (ty budesh' govorit') – You will speak
– Он/Она/Оно будет говорить (on/ona/ono budet govorit') – He/She/It will speak
– Мы будем говорить (my budem govorit') – We will speak
– Вы будете говорить (vy budete govorit') – You all will speak
– Они будут говорить (oni budut govorit') – They will speak

Examples of sentences using "говорить":
– Я говорю по-русски. (Ya govoryu po-russki.) – I speak Russian.
– Она всегда говорит правду. (Ona vsegda govorit pravdu.) – She always tells the truth.
– Мы говорили об этом вчера. (My govorili ob etom vchera.) – We talked about it yesterday.
– Вы будете говорить на эту тему завтра. (Vy budete govorit' na etu temu zavtra.) – You will speak on this topic tomorrow.
– Они говорят очень громко. (Oni govoryat ochen' gromko.) – They speak very loudly.

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