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this ce
How to say “this” in French? “Ce”. Here you will learn how to pronounce “ce” correctly and in the comments below you will be able to get all sorts of advice on this in French like tips & tricks to remember it, questions, explanations and more.

French Sentences with the Word “This”

French sentence with “ce” English translation for ce S

Qu’est ce que tu as fait aujourd’hui?

What did you do today?

Nous nous verrons ce soir.

We will see each other tonight

Hier, ce n’Ă©tait pas un bon jour.

Yesterday was not a good day.

Peut-ĂŞtre ce dont vous avez besoin est…

Maybe what you need is… (formal)

Je ne sais pas ce que je veux acheter

I don’t know what I want to buy

Je comprends ce que tu veux dire

I understand what you want to say

Qu’est ce que c’est?

What is it?

Avez-vous ce que vous recherchiez?

Do you have what you were looking for? (formal)

VoilĂ  ce que tu voulais manger

this is what you wanted to eat

Tu dois faire ce que je dis

You have to do what I say

ce que tu dois faire demain est…

What you have to do tomorrow is…

ce n’est pas ce que tu dis

It’s not what you say

Dites-moi ce que vous voulez faire aujourd’hui

Tell me what do you want to do today. (formal)

ce que j’ai ici

What I have here

Vous pouvez réaliser tout ce que vous voulez

You can achieve anything you want to. (formal)

ce dont cette ville a besoin est…

What this city needs is…

Karen a utilisé ce parfum

Karen has used that perfume

ce matin mon petit ami a préparé le petit déjeuner

this morning my boyfriend prepared breakfast

Ils avaient huit ans Ă  ce moment-lĂ 

They were eight years old in that moment

ce n’est pas bon que l’on mange beaucoup

It’s not good that we eat a lot

Je me suis rasé ce matin,

I shaved this morning

Tu te souviens de ce que je t’ai dit?

Do you remember what I told you?

ce cadeau est pour toi.

this gift is for you

Je n’aime pas quoi que ce soit

I don’t like anything at all

ce sandwich est le vĂ´tre

this sandwich is yours

ce téléphone est neuf.

That cellphone is new.

ce magasin est fermé

this shop is closed

ce chat est Ă  moi

this cat is mine

Parliez-vous de ce livre?

Were you talking about this book?

ce travail Ă©tait horrible

That job was horrible

ce sont mes frères

These are my siblings

ce sont mes films préférés

These are my favourite movies

ce sont mes sandwichs

Those are my snacks

ce sont mes parents

They are my parents

OĂą voulez-vous rester ce soir?

Where do you guys want to stay tonight?

J’espère que vous aimez ce repas.

I hope you like this food.

ce serait mieux si nous le visitions plus.

It would be better if we visit him more.

Personne ne veut sortir ce week-end.

Nobody wants to go out this weekend.

Elle ne peut pas le mettre ce soir.

She can’t put it on tonight.

ce n’est pas normal que vous ayez dormi autant.

It is not normal that you have slept so much.

Peut-ĂŞtre que ce n’Ă©tait pas son jour.

this may not have been a good day for him.

ce n’est pas vrai que, patricia ait menti.

It is not true that Patricia lied.

ce serait formidable si nous avions travaillé ensemble.

It would be great if we worked together.

ce serait bien, que vous soyiez restĂ© aujourd’hui.

It would be nice if you stayed today.

C’Ă©tait pas bon que vous ayez eu ce comportement.

It was wrong that you had that behavior.

ce n’Ă©tait pas bon que tu aies dormi aussi tard.

It was not good that you fell asleep so late.

Cela fait longtemps que je n’ai pas entendu ce mot.

It’s been a long time since I have heard that word.

C’est votre tour pour cuisiner ce soir.

It’s your turn to cook it tonight.

Je vais les lui donner ce soir.

I’m going to give them to him tonight.

ce serait bien si nous nous voyions demain.

It would be nice if we meet tomorrow.

Je veux savoir ce que vous auriez fait dans cette situation.

I want to know what you would have done in that situation.

ce n’Ă©tait pas bon que vous ayez bu autant d’alcool.

It was not good that you had so much alcohol.

Je le leur ai lu ce mois-ci.

I read it to them this month.

Allons-nous le lui acheter ce lundi?

Are we going to buy it for her on Monday?

Comments, Questions, Etc. About This in French

Comment on the French word “ce” in the following ways:

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  • Questions about this in French, etc.

ce info.

The French word for ‘this’ is ‘ce’ when used before masculine singular nouns. Here are a few tips to remember it:

1. **Pronunciation**: ‘Ce’ is pronounced like the letter ‘C’ in English. Think of it as ‘seh’, with a soft ‘e’.

2. **Association**: You might remember ‘ce’ by thinking of ‘ce moment’ (this moment), which sounds like ‘see the moment’, linking the visual idea of ‘seeing’ to ‘this’.

Other words in French that mean the same thing:

– ‘Cet’: Used before masculine singular nouns that begin with a vowel or mute ‘h’ (e.g., ‘cet homme’ – this man).
– ‘Cette’: Used before feminine singular nouns (e.g., ‘cette femme’ – this woman).
– ‘Ces’: Used before all plural nouns, whether masculine or feminine (e.g., ‘ces hommes’ – these men, ‘ces femmes’ – these women).

Alternate meanings or slang use: ‘Ce’ does not have slang meanings. It’s primarily a demonstrative adjective.

Examples of sentences that use ‘ce’:

1. Ce livre est intéressant. (This book is interesting.)
2. Ce chien est très gentil. (This dog is very friendly.)
3. Regarde ce tableau! (Look at this painting!)
4. Ce garçon parle trois langues. (This boy speaks three languages.)

Remember that context is key, as the French words ‘ce, cet, cette, ces’ are used depending on the noun that follows them (masculine/feminine, singular/plural, and starting with a vowel or consonant).

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