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These in French 🇫🇷

in English in French S
these ces
How to say “these” in French? “Ces”. Here you will learn how to pronounce “ces” correctly and in the comments below you will be able to get all sorts of advice on these in French like tips & tricks to remember it, questions, explanations and more.

French Sentences with the Word “These”

French sentence with “ces” English translation for ces S

ces chiens sont grands

these dogs are big

Essayez ces pommes

Try these apples

ces chaussures sont petites

these shoes are small

Tous ces restaurants sont chers

All these restaurants are expensive

Je n’aime pas ces questions

I don’t like these questions

ces gens étaient tellement agréables

Those people were so nice

ces patates ont un goût incroyable

Those potatoes taste amazing

ces échanges d’argent sont mauvais

Those money exchanges are bad

Est-il bon que le gouvernement ait pris ces mesures?

Is it good that the government has taken these measures?

Je vous recommande de regarder ces films

I recommend that you watch these movies

Je suis surpris que vous posiez ces questions

I am surprised that you ask those questions

Comments, Questions, Etc. About These in French

Comment on the French word “ces” in the following ways:

  • Tips and tricks to remember how to say these in French
  • Explanations on the translation ces
  • Sentences that use the word “ces”
  • Questions about these in French, etc.

ces info.

Tips to remember the French word “ces”:

1. Visualize and repeat: Create a mental image of the word “ces” and repeat it several times to help reinforce your memory.
2. Practice in context: Use “ces” in sentences or short dialogues to help you remember its meaning and usage.
3. Mnemonic devices: Create a mnemonic device, such as linking “ces” with the English word “these.”
4. Flashcards: Create flashcards with the word “ces” on one side and its English translation on the other side. Review them regularly to reinforce your memory.
5. Consistent practice: Regularly engage in activities like reading, listening, and speaking to encounter the word “ces” in different contexts.

“Ces” is a demonstrative adjective in French that corresponds to the English word “these.” It is used to indicate multiple objects or people that are relatively close to the speaker. “Ces” must agree in gender and number with the noun it modifies.

Other words that mean the same thing:
– “Ces derniers” (these last ones)
– “Ceux-ci” (these)

Alternate meanings/slang:
In slang or colloquial French, “ces” can sometimes be used to refer to people in a derogatory or dismissive manner.

Examples of sentences:
1. Ces livres sont intéressants. (These books are interesting.)
2. J’aime ces chaussures. (I like these shoes.)
3. Ces bonbons sont délicieux. (These candies are delicious.)
4. Ces deux amis m’ont aidé. (These two friends helped me.)
5. Je préfère ces gâteaux-ci plutôt que ces gâteaux-là. (I prefer these cakes here rather than those cakes over there.)

Note: It is important to practice the pronunciation of “ces” to ensure clarity.

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