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My in Spanish 🇪🇸

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my mi
How to say “my” in Spanish? “Mi”. Here you will learn how to pronounce “mi” correctly and in the comments below you will be able to get all sorts of advice on my in Spanish like tips & tricks to remember it, questions, explanations and more.

Spanish Sentences with the Word “My”

Spanish sentence with “mi” English translation for mi S

mi español es malo.

my spanish is bad.

Estoy limpiando mi cuarto.

I am cleaning my room.

Esta es mi hija.

This is my daughter.

Ella es mi amiga.

She is my friend.

Hablo con mi hermano.

I speak with my brother.

mi meta es hablar perfecto.

my goal is to speak perfectly.

Estoy buscando mi apartamento.

I am looking for my apartment.

¿Tú puedes venir a mi casa a visitar a mi familia?

You can come to my house to visit my family?

mi corazón fue feliz.

my heart was happy.

Ayudaría a mi mamá.

I would help my mom

¿Vendrías a mi fiesta mañana?

Would you come to my party tomorrow?

mi hermana cuidaría a los niños

my sister would take care of the children

mi novio jugaría fútbol contigo

my boyfriend would play football with you

¿Hablarías con mi papá?

Would you talk to my dad?

mi hermano le toma fotos a Maria.

my brother takes photos of Maria

mi madre necesita que la cuides

my mom needs you to take care of her

mi mamá las compra.

my mother buys them.

mi madre había terminado de limpiar

my mother had finished cleaning

mi hermano lo había encontrado

my brother had found it

No he conseguido mi teléfono

I have not obtained my phone

mi casa está por allí

my house is around there

mi familia visitaba Francia

my family used to visit France

mi hermana se duchaba antes de trabajo

my sister used to shower before work

Esta mañana mi novió preparó el desayuno

This morning my boyfriend prepared breakfast

mi papá cantaba para mí

my dad used to sing for me

Escuché a mi hermana tocando mi puerta

I heard my sister knocking at my door

mi esposo llegó hace dos días

my husband arrived two days ago

Quería que ayudaras a mi papá

I wanted you to help my dad

Ojalá mi prima llegara

I hope my cousin arrived

mi mamá hubiera preferido quedarse en casa

my mom would have preferred to stay at home

Quería que mi tío fuera feliz

I wanted my uncle to be happy

Me pregunto dónde está mi hermana

I wonder where my sister is

Practico deportes por mi salud

I practice sports for my health

Visité a mi amigo por dos horas

I visited my friend for 2 hours

mi hija viajó por Europa

my daughter traveled through Europe

mi madre trabaja por ocho horas

my mom works for 8 hours

Estudio español por mi novio

I study spanish because of my boyfriend

mi hijo salió para Turquía ayer

my son left for Turkey yesterday

Tengo que comprar un regalo para mi hermana

I have to buy a gift for my sister

Hago ejercicio por mi salud

I exercise for my health

¿Este dinero es para mi?

Is this money for me?

mi hermana es inteligente y amable

my sister is intelligent and kind

mi cuaderno tiene muchos colores

my notebook has a lot of colors

mi mamá tiene tu regalo

my mom has your present

¡Esta es mi canción favorita!

This is my favourite song!

Esta es mi novia

This is my girlfriend

Ese es mi novio

That is my boyfriend

mi esposa es española

my wife is spanish

mi madre es una doctora

my mum is a doctor

mi amigo es de australia

my friend is from Australia

Lyss es mi amiga

Lyss is my friend

mi familia es de canadá

my family is from Canada

mi comida favorita es de perú

my favourite food is from Peru

mi papá le compró un teléfono a mi hermano.

my dad bought my brother a phone.

La tengo en mi casa.

I have it in my house.

Quiero tenerlo en mi casa.

I want to have it in my house.

mi padre está trabajando

my dad is working

¿Estás perdido mi amigo?

Are you lost my friend?

mi mamá quería que le ayudara a limpiar la casa.

my mom wanted me to help her clean the house.

¿mi mamá me pidió que regara el jardín.

my mom asked me to water the garden.

No creo que mi jefe pensara eso.

I don’t think my boss thought that.

Ojalá mi amigo no viviera tan lejos.

I wish my friend didn’t live so far.

mi familia está muy feliz de que nos visitaras.

my family is very happy that you visited us.

¿Puedes cuidarlo por mi?

Can you take care of it for me?

mi primo vive cerca de mi abuelo.

my cousin lives close to my grandpa.

Le escribí un poema a mi abuela.

I wrote a poem to my grandmother.

Le pedí disculpas a mi hermana.

I apologized to my sister.

Comments, Questions, Etc. About My in Spanish

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Normal speech: mee
IPA: mi

8 months ago


Derived from Latin “meus” (my)

6 months ago

mi info.

Tips to remember the word “mi”:
– Associate “mi” with the musical note “E” in the solfège scale (do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti), which can help you recall the sound and spelling of the word “mi.”
– Remember that “mi” is often used in possessive contexts, much like the English word “my.” Whenever you think of something belonging to you in English, think of “mi” in Spanish.

– “Mi” is a possessive adjective used in Spanish to indicate ownership or a relation to the speaker. It is equivalent to the English possessive “my.”

Other words that mean the same thing:
– “Mío/mía” can be used instead of “mi” when it stands alone and agrees with the gender of the noun it refers to. It translates to “mine” in English.

Alternate meanings/slang:
In some contexts or regions, “mi” does not have an alternate meaning or is not used as slang. It’s a straightforward possessive adjective.

Examples of sentences that use “mi”:
– “Esta es mi casa.” (This is my house.)
– “He perdido mi libro de español.” (I have lost my Spanish book.)
– “Mi hermano es más alto que yo.” (My brother is taller than me.)
– “¿Has visto mi teléfono?” (Have you seen my phone?)
– “Mi gato se llama Whiskers.” (My cat is named Whiskers.)

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