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I want in German 🇩🇪

in English in German S
I want ich will
How to say “I want” in German? “Ich will”. Here you will learn how to pronounce “ich will” correctly and in the comments below you will be able to get all sorts of advice on I want in German like tips & tricks to remember it, questions, explanations and more.

German Sentences with the Word “I want”

German sentence with “ich will” English translation for ich will S

ich will zwei Katzen.

I want two cats.

ich will Spanisch lernen.

I want to learn Spanish.

Du kannst mit mir kommen, wenn du willst.

You can come with me if you want.

Willst du mit mir tanzen?

Would you like to dance with me?

Willst du mich heiraten?

Would you marry me?

Ich weiß nicht was ich will kaufen

I don’t know what I want to buy

Was willst du, dass ich tue?

What is it that you want me to do?

Sag mir, was du willst heute tun?

Tell me what do you want to do today

Sie können alles erreichen, was du willst.

You can achieve everything you want.

Willst du dich für die Party schminken?

Do you want to put n make up for the party?

Willst du einen Tag heiraten?

Do you want to get married someday?

Willst du am Strand spazieren gehen?

Do you want to walk on the beach?

Willst du nächstes Jahr heiraten?

Do you want to get married next year?

Wo willst du heute Abend bleiben?

Where do you guys want to stay tonight?

ich will nicht, dass du Alkohol bringst.

I don’t want you to bring alcohol.

Willst du, dass ich dir helfe?

Do you want me to help you?

Warum willst du ihm nicht antworten?

Why don’t you want to answer him?

ich will, dass du es weißt.

I want you to know it.

Die Regierung will ihnen, festlegen.

The government wants to establish them.

Niemand will, dieses Wochenende gehen.

Nobody wants to go this weekend.

Warum willst du es nicht essen?

Why don’t you want to eat it?

Willst du dass wir es essen?

Do you want us to eat it?

Willst du, dass ich es dir singen?

Do you want me to sing it to you?

Warum willst du nicht, dass ich spiele?

Why don’t you want me to play?

Es ist sehr klein, willst du es ausprobieren?

It is very small, do you want to try it?

Warum willst du es ihm nicht sagen?

Why don’t you want to tell him?

Dann willst du jemanden besonderen in deinem Leben.

Then you want someone special in life.

ich will Diego eine Frage stellen.

I want to ask Diego a question.

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ich will info.

Tips to remember the German word “ich will”:
– Associate “will” with the English word “will,” which indicates intention or determination. Remember that in German, “ich will” reflects a similar meaning of wanting or intending to do something.
– Think of the phrase “I will do it” and then drop the “do” part; “I will” corresponds to “ich will.”

– In German, “ich will” is the first-person singular present tense of the modal verb “wollen,” which means “to want” or “to intend.”
– “Wollen” is a modal verb, which means it is typically used in combination with another verb to express a desire or intention to do something.

Other words that mean the same thing:
– “Ich möchte” can also be used to express a wish or desire but is more polite and is roughly equivalent to saying “I would like” in English.
– “Ich hätte gern” is another polite phrase that translates to “I would like to have,” often used when ordering food or expressing a wish to possess something.

Conjugations of “wollen”:
Present tense:
– ich will (I want)
– du willst (you want, singular informal)
– er/sie/es will (he/she/it wants)
– wir wollen (we want)
– ihr wollt (you want, plural informal)
– sie wollen (they want)
– Sie wollen (you want, formal)

Simple past (Imperfect) tense:
– ich wollte (I wanted)
– du wolltest (you wanted, singular informal)
– er/sie/es wollte (he/she/it wanted)
– wir wollten (we wanted)
– ihr wolltet (you wanted, plural informal)
– sie wollten (they wanted)
– Sie wollten (you wanted, formal)

Future tense:
– ich werde wollen (I will want)
– du wirst wollen (you will want, singular informal)
– er/sie/es wird wollen (he/she/it will want)
– wir werden wollen (we will want)
– ihr werdet wollen (you will want, plural informal)
– sie werden wollen (they will want)
– Sie werden wollen (you will want, formal)

Examples of sentences:
– “Ich will ein Eis essen.” (I want to eat an ice cream.)
– “Willst du heute ins Kino kommen?” (Do you want to go to the movies today?)
– “Sie sagt, dass sie ein neues Auto will.” (She says she wants a new car.)
– “Wir wollen nächstes Jahr nach Deutschland reisen.” (We want to travel to Germany next year.)
– “Wolltet ihr nicht zum Strand fahren?” (Didn’t you want to go to the beach?)

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