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I think in French 🇫🇷

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I think je pense
How to say “I think” in French? “Je pense”. Here you will learn how to pronounce “je pense” correctly and in the comments below you will be able to get all sorts of advice on I think in French like tips & tricks to remember it, questions, explanations and more.

French Sentences with the Word “I think”

French sentence with “je pense” English translation for je pense S

je pense que c’est très bien.

I think it is very good.

je pense à ton visage toute la journée.

I think about your face all day.

je pense que nous devrions aller Ă  la maison.

I think that we should go home.

Votre famille a besoin de vous plus que vous ne le pensez

Your family needs you more than what you think

Je ne pense pas que tu aurais mangé ça

I don’t think you would have eaten that

Je ne pense pas que ça aurait été

I don’t think it would have been…

Ne pensez-vous pas qu’ils en auraient eu plus?

Don’t you think they would have had more?

Je ne pense pas que nous aurions voulu savoir

I don’t think we would have wanted to know

Je ne pense pas que vous ayez payé

I don’t think you had paid

je pense que tu as besoin d’aller chez le dentiste

I think you need to go to the dentist

Je ne pense pas que tu sois prĂŞt

I do not think you are prepared

Je ne pense pas que ton téléphone fonctionne

I don’t think that your phone works

Pensez-vous qu’andrea soit Ă  la maison?

Do you think Andrea is home?

Pensez-vous que c’est bien que nous nous rencontrions?

Is it okay for us to meet?

Pensez-vous qu’alejandra aimera sa chemise?

Do you guys think Alejandra is going to like the shirt?

C’est bien qu’ils y pensent.

It is good that they think about it.

Je ne pense pas qu’ils le mĂ©ritent.

I don’t think they deserve it.

Je ne pense pas qu’il aurait pu l’endurer.

I don’t think he would have taken it.

Pensez-vous que Jess aurait pu accepter?

Do you think that Jess could have accepted?

Pensez-vous qu’ils auraient pris une meilleure dĂ©cision?

Do you think they would have made a better decision?

Pensez-vous qu’il dit la vĂ©ritĂ©?

Do you think he’s telling the truth?

Je ne pense pas que la voiture soit Ă  l’extĂ©rieur.

I don’t think the car is outside.

Je ne pense pas que vous ayez raison.

I don’t think you’re right.

Je ne pense pas que vous ayez mangé du serpent.

I do not think you’ve eaten snake.

Je ne pense pas que vous ayez fait le dîner.

I don’t think you made dinner.

Pensez-vous qu’AndrĂ©s ait achetĂ© cette maison?

Do you think Andrés has bought that house?

Pensez-vous que c’est bien que j’aie pris la dĂ©cision?

Is it okay that I made the decision?

Je ne pense pas que les enfants l’ont fait.

I don’t think the kids have done it.

Je ne pense pas que vous ayez beaucoup dormi hier.

I don’t think you slept much yesterday.

Je ne pense pas que vous ayez oublié.

I don’t think you have forgotten.

Pensez-vous qu’ils ont cĂ©lĂ©brĂ© leur anniversaire?

Do you think they have celebrated their anniversary?

Je ne pense pas qu’ils aient oubliĂ©, le rendez-vous.

I don’t think they forgot the appointment.

Pensez-vous qu’ils ont visitĂ© le musĂ©e?

Do you think they have visited the museum?

Je ne pense pas que mon patron ait pensé ça.

I don’t think my boss thought that.

Je ne pense pas que vous aviez préparé à manger aussi vite.

I don’t think you made food that fast.

Je ne pense pas que le gouvernement mentait.

I don’t think the government was lying.

Je ne pensais pas qu’il penserait ça.

I didn’t think he would think that.

Je ne pense pas ils sont revenus, hier soir.

I don’t think they came back last night.

Ne pensez-vous pas qu’il le ferait mieux s’il y mettait plus d’efforts?

Don’t you think he would do it better if he tried harder?

Pensez-vous que cela n’aurait pas Ă©tĂ© nĂ©cessaire?

Do you think it would not have been necessary?

je pense que vous l’auriez fait mieux.

I think you would have done it better.

je pense que nous aurions eu la capacité.

I do think we would have had the ability.

Je ne pense pas qu’il aurait dit, ça.

I don’t think he would have said that.

Je ne pense pas que ça aurait été aussi mal que ça.

I don’t think it would have been that bad.

Ne pensez-vous pas que nous pouvons le trouver?

Don’t you think that we can find it?

Comments, Questions, Etc. About I think in French

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Je pense

Je pense=I think

7 months ago

je pense info.

To remember the French word “je pense,” you can associate it with the English phrase, “I think.” Additionally, you can create mnemonic devices or use flashcards to help reinforce the word in your memory.

“Je pense” is the present tense conjugation of the verb “penser” in French. Here are the conjugations for “penser” in different tenses:

– Present tense: je pense (I think), tu penses (you think), il/elle pense (he/she thinks), nous pensons (we think), vous pensez (you think), ils/elles pensent (they think)
– Imperfect tense: je pensais (I used to think), tu pensais (you used to think), il/elle pensait (he/she used to think), nous pensions (we used to think), vous pensiez (you used to think), ils/elles pensaient (they used to think)
– Future tense: je penserai (I will think), tu penseras (you will think), il/elle pensera (he/she will think), nous penserons (we will think), vous penserez (you will think), ils/elles penseront (they will think)

Other words that can be used to convey a similar meaning to “je pense” include “j’estime” (I estimate), “je crois” (I believe), or “je considère” (I consider).

Here are a few example sentences using “je pense” in different contexts:

1. Je pense que nous devrions partir tĂ´t. (I think we should leave early.)
2. J’estime que ce projet est une excellente idĂ©e. (I estimate that this project is an excellent idea.)
3. Je crois que tu es sur la bonne voie. (I believe you’re on the right track.)
4. Je considère cette décision comme étant la meilleure. (I consider this decision to be the best.)

Note: “Je pense” is a common phrase used to express personal opinions or thoughts. It is important to remember that this is just one possible translation for the English word “think” and the context can vary in different situations.

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