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I in Spanish 🇪🇸

in English in Spanish S
I yo
How to say “I” in Spanish? “Yo”. Here you will learn how to pronounce “yo” correctly and in the comments below you will be able to get all sorts of advice on I in Spanish like tips & tricks to remember it, questions, explanations and more.

Spanish Sentences with the Word “I”

Spanish sentence with “yo” English translation for yo S

yo estoy bien, gracias.

I am good, thanks.

yo entiendo.

I understand.

yo voy a la casa.

I go to the house.

yo necesito ayuda.

I need help.

yo cometí un error.

I made an error.

yo estoy muy curioso sobre tu amigo.

I am very curious about your friend.

Cuando yo era niña,

When I was a girl,

yo vi tanto amor que

I saw so much love that…

yo tuve algunos problemas.

I had some problems

yo comería cinco pasteles.

I would eat five cakes

yo no necesito estar tan preocupado

I don’t need to be that worried

yo lo puedo acompañar.

I can accompany him.

yo hubiera hecho lo opuesto.

I would have done the opposite.

yo hubiera hecho las cosas diferentes.

I would have done things different.

¿Por qué no quieres que yo juegue?

Why don’t you want me to play?

¿Te parece bien que yo haya tomado la decisión?

Is it okay that I made the decision?

¿Era importante que yo practicara?

Was it important that I practice?

Él quería que yo aprendiera a cantar.

He wanted me to learn to sing.

Es probable que yo las tenga que ayudar.

I will probably have to help them.

yo quería que tú me ayudaras en la fiesta.

I wanted you to help me at the party.

¿Necesitas que yo le pague a Sebastián?

Do you need me to pay Sebastian?

yo no lo hubiera imaginado.

I would not have imagined.

yo se los leí este mes.

I read it to them this month.

Comments, Questions, Etc. About I in Spanish

Comment on the Spanish word “yo” in the following ways:

  • Tips and tricks to remember how to say I in Spanish
  • Explanations on the translation yo
  • Sentences that use the word “yo”
  • Questions about I in Spanish, etc.

Love Spanish

Yo am at peace

2 years ago

Da nMaml

3 months ago

Yo me encanta Espanol

4 months ago

I am at peace

8 months ago

h dude

4 months ago

Hola compadre

5 months ago

Yo soy alasìa

3 months ago


23 days ago

I am at peace

2 months ago

Yo soy peace.

a minute ago

Yo am your friend

Yo will be there.

2 years ago

yes if you want to.

2 years ago

Did yo meet?

a year ago

I will be there

8 months ago


Yo it’s me

2 years ago

it sure is! 😀

2 years ago

I it’s me

8 months ago

Friends be like yo

Yo sounds like yo i want to talk to you ?

2 years ago

I sound like i want to talk to you

8 months ago

Expresssions that use I (yo)

Yo mismo (I myself)
Yo creo que… (I believe that…)
Yo diría que… (I would say that…)

8 months ago

Sentences that use “I”

Yo vivo en España – I live in Spain.
Yo quiero una taza de café – I want a cup of coffee.
Yo estudio español – I study Spanish.

8 months ago


First person= I or me.

a year ago


Yo im at the beach

2 years ago

No one cares bruh i went there 9 weeks ago LoL

2 years ago

¿¿¿I im at the beach???

2 years ago

I is used to help conjugate verbs in Spanish

But it is completely optional in these cases:
Yo soy (I am) – Present of the verb “ser” (to be).
Yo tengo (I have) – Present of the verb “tener” (to have).
Yo hablo (I speak) – Present of the verb “hablar” (to speak).

8 months ago


Normal speech: YOH
IPA: ˈʝo

a year ago

yo am going to the park.

yo am going to the park.

2 years ago

Yo voy a ir al parque?

a year ago

Mama Audddrre

Hello, new here

5 months ago

Welcome guys. Keep at it. You’ll be glad you did. 🙂

5 months ago

Hi i am also

5 months ago


Yo will learn Spanish.

a year ago


Yo like to draw.

2 years ago

¿Puedes usarlo en una oración de español como YO?

2 years ago


Use this the same way you would use the English word “I”. Do not use it for the letter, and do not use it where you would use “me”.

a year ago

Momma approved

Very important ingredient for yo momma jokes

a year ago


I lost all my stuff and couldn’t get it back, i have to start all over again. 🙁

3 months ago

I did

3 months ago

Lo siento:(

3 months ago

@Jefalicia gracias

3 months ago

Set up an account this time

3 months ago


Yo hablo Inglés

4 months ago

yo info.

Tips to remember the word “yo” in Spanish:

1. Rhymes with: Connect it to the English word “yo-yo,” which sounds similar and is spelled with the same letters as “yo.”
2. Visual association: Picture yourself pointing at your chest each time you say “yo,” which signifies “I” or “me” in English.
3. Practice: Use it often when speaking or practicing Spanish sentences, beginning with simple constructions like “Yo soy” (I am) or “Yo tengo” (I have).


In Spanish, “yo” is a personal pronoun that refers to the speaker, just as “I” does in English. It is used in sentences to represent the subject who is performing the action. “Yo” is always written in lowercase unless it is the first word in a sentence.

Other words that mean the same thing:

There are no other words in Spanish that serve as a direct synonym for “yo” since it is a personal pronoun. However, depending on the sentence and context, sometimes the pronoun can be omitted entirely due to the verb conjugation indicating who the subject is, e.g., “(Yo) Estoy aquí” (“I am here”) where “yo” can be dropped as “estoy” already implies the subject is “I.”

Alternate meanings/slang:

“Yo” doesn’t typically have alternate or slang meanings in Spanish as it is a basic part of speech, but its intonation or the context in which it is used can convey different attitudes (e.g., assertiveness, surprise, etc.).

Examples of sentences that use “yo”:

1. “Yo quiero comer ahora.” — “I want to eat now.”
2. “Yo iré al cine mañana.” — “I will go to the cinema tomorrow.”
3. “Yo he terminado mi trabajo.” — “I have finished my work.”
4. “¿Yo? No hice eso.” — “Me? I didn’t do that.”
5. “Aunque tú no vayas, yo sí voy a asistir.” — “Even if you don’t go, I will attend.”

5 months ago



a year ago



a year ago

I = yo, me

You can say “I” in spanish with “yo” or “me”. Depending on the context of the sentence.

a year ago


Ha ha ya

a few seconds ago

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