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For in Spanish 🇪🇸

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for para
How to say “for” in Spanish? “Para”. Here you will learn how to pronounce “para” correctly and in the comments below you will be able to get all sorts of advice on for in Spanish like tips & tricks to remember it, questions, explanations and more.

Spanish Sentences with the Word “For”

Spanish sentence with “para” English translation for para S

Tienen que ser altos para ser modelos

They have to be tall to be models

¿Quieres maquillarte para la fiesta?

Do you want to put make up on for the party.

Compraron algunas bebidas para la fiesta

They bought some drinks for the party

Mi papá cantaba para

My dad used to sing for me

Hace dos días estudiamos para nuestro examen

Two days ago we were studying for our test

para comprarlo necesitas más de seis dólares

To buy it you need more than six dollars

Esperé para que él llegara

I waited for him to arrive

Este regalo es para ti.

This gift is for you

Voy para Mexico mañana

I’m going to Mexico tomorrow

Necesito terminarlo para el miércoles

I need to finish it by Wednesday

Trabajo para quien me paga

I work for who pays me

Mi hijo salió para Turquía ayer

My son left for Turkey yesterday

Tengo que comprar un regalo para mi hermana

I have to buy a gift for my sister

Esta comida es para ti

This food is for you

Tienes que terminarla para el viernes

You have to finish it by Friday

Ahorro para unas vacaciones

I save for a holiday

Voy a amarte para siempre

I am going to love you forever

Trabajo para poder viajar

I work so I can travel

Esto es para ti

This is for you

para mí, la comida es importante

for me, food is important

Esa agua es para lavar

That water is for washing

para nosotros, son pequeños

for us, they are small

Me mudé a Chile para aprender español

I moved to Chile to learn spanish

¿Este dinero es para mi?

Is this money for me?

para empezar, vamos al cine

for starters, lets go to the cinema

No me gusta para nada

I don’t like it at all

Es demasiado importante estirarse para hacer yoga.

It is too important to stretch out to do yoga.

Los necesitamos para nuestro grupo de ciencia.

We need them for our science group.

Las compré para ti.

I bought them for you.

Quiero comprarlo para tu papá.

I want to buy it for your dad.

Lo compré para ti.

I bought it for you.

Voy a tenerlo listo para ti.

I will have it ready for you.

Se lo voy a comprar para su cumpleaños.

I’m going to buy it for her birthday.

¿Se lo compraron a Sandra o para otra persona?

Did you guys buy it for Sandra or for another person?

Tal vez este no haya sido un buen día para él.

This may not have been a good day for him.

Tenemos que llevarlas para abrir la casa.

We have to take them to open the house.

Se las di para poder jugar.

I gave them to her to be able to play.

Comments, Questions, Etc. About For in Spanish

Comment on the Spanish word “para” in the following ways:

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I am para you not against you.

2 years ago

This section is for helpful comments and tips.

Esta sección es PARA comentarios y consejos útiles.

See what I did there?

a year ago

I cheatid and rote it on a peas f paper

I cheatid becas I did not know

2 years ago

well that cheating is going to hurt you when you get to later grades. Don’t learn, i repeat, DO NOT learn por or para as “for”.
they are better interpreted as para=a direct line to something ( delivery, goal, destination) and Por in the way of or in the line of ( so mode of travel, motivation ( not goal) , duration, and mode of travel or mode of activity). This is the best I’ve gathered as a definition from years with spanish speakers. GL

2 years ago

@cookiez: not with that attitude you don’t. 😛

2 years ago

You don’t spell “cheated” like that.

2 years ago

oh my god

2 years ago

Bsid shjvdbe


a year ago

Huh? I don’t understand this comment. What does Bsid shjvdbe Blabjabsnxm mean?

6 months ago


Normal speech: PAH-rah
IPA: ˈpa.ɾa

5 months ago

Vs por

These are both translated as for, but they have different meanings in context. It can be hard to understand the nuanced differences, but one instance in which you use para is when stating a specific purpose. Ex: These snacks are for the party. The medication is for elderly patients. I studied a lot for the test.
If you can stop a sentence before “for” and follow it up with the question “for what purpose?” which will be answered by the rest of the sentence, use para.

6 months ago


Para and por are both for, but different usages

4 months ago


This flower is para you

8 months ago

A gift

I got a para (pah rah) shoes por you.?

a few seconds ago

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