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Coat, jacket (loan word) in Japanese 🇯🇵

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sports court コート
How to say “sports court” in Japanese? “コート”. Here you will learn how to pronounce “コート” correctly and in the comments below you will be able to get all sorts of advice on sports court in Japanese like tips & tricks to remember it, questions, explanations and more.

Comments, Questions, Etc. About Sports court in Japanese

Comment on the Japanese word “コート” in the following ways:

  • Tips and tricks to remember how to say sports court in Japanese
  • Explanations on the translation コート
  • Sentences that use the word “コート”
  • Questions about sports court in Japanese, etc.

コート info.

Tips to remember the Japanese word:
Think of a coat that you would wear. Both words sound similar. A "court" where sports are played can be imagined as being "covered" like a coat.

The word "コート" (kōto) is derived from the English word "court" and is used in Japanese to refer to sports courts, like tennis courts or basketball courts.

Other words that mean the same thing:
– テニスコート (tenisu kōto) – Tennis court
– バスケットボールコート (basukettobōru kōto) – Basketball court

Alternate meanings and usage:
In Japanese, "コート" (kōto) can also mean "coat" (a type of clothing), as it is borrowed from English. The context usually makes it clear whether it refers to a sports court or a coat.

Examples of sentences:
1. テニスのコートはどこですか?
– Tenisu no kōto wa doko desu ka?
– Where is the tennis court?

2. 私たちは公園で新しいバスケットボールのコートを見つけました。
– Wataachi wa kōen de atarashii basukettobōru no kōto o mitsukemaa.
– We found a new basketball court in the park.

3. 私のコートはどこにありますか?
– Watashi no kōto wa doko ni arimasu ka?
– Where is my coat?

4. 雪が降ったので、厚いコートを着ました。
– Yuki ga futta node, atsui kōto o kimaa.
– Since it snowed, I wore a thick coat.

5. バレーボールコートで練習しましょう。
– Barēbōru kōto de renshÅ« shimashou.
– Let's practice on the volleyball court.

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コート info.

Romanized Characters:

Tips to Remember the Japanese Word:
1. Similar Sound: The word "コート" sounds almost exactly like the English word "coat."
2. Visual Association: Imagine a thick, warm coat with the label "Kōto" sewn inside. This can create a strong visual memory.
3. Context Use: When thinking of a coat, remember that "buttoning up your kōto" can be a useful mnemonic.

Context Use: "コート" is used to refer to outerwear designed to keep you warm.
Katakana Clue: Since "コート" is in katakana, it indicates a loan word from English, which can help you recall its origin and meaning.

Other Words That Mean the Same Thing:
1. 外套 (がいとう, gaitō): This is a more formal or traditional way to say "coat" in Japanese, though it’s less commonly used in everyday speech.
2. オーバー (おーばー, ōbā): Another loan word from English, meaning "overcoat."

Alternate Meanings:
Slang: The term "コート" doesn't have significant slang meanings, but in fashion contexts, it can refer to any stylish outer garment.
Alternate Uses: In sports, "コート" can mean "court" (like a basketball court or tennis court).

Examples of Sentences that Use it:
1. 冬には暖かいコートが必要だ。
– Fuyu ni wa atatakai kōto ga hitsuyō da.
– In winter, you need a warm coat.

2. 彼女の赤いコートがとても素敵だね。
– Kanojo no akai kōto ga totemo suteki da ne.
– Her red coat is really lovely, isn’t it?

3. このコートはどこで買ったの?
– Kono kōto wa doko de katta no?
– Where did you buy this coat?

4. 雨が降りそうだから、コートを持って行った方がいいよ。
– Ame ga furisō dakara, kōto o motte itta hō ga Ä« yo.
– It looks like it’s going to rain, so you should take a coat.

5. 昨日、テニスコートで友達とテニスをした。
– Kinō, tenisu kōto de tomodachi to tenisu o a.
– I played tennis with my friends on the tennis court yesterday.

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