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Before in Russian 🇷🇺

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before до это
How to say “before” in Russian? “До это”. Here you will learn how to pronounce “до это” correctly and in the comments below you will be able to get all sorts of advice on before in Russian like tips & tricks to remember it, questions, explanations and more.

Comments, Questions, Etc. About Before in Russian

Comment on the Russian word “до это” in the following ways:

  • Tips and tricks to remember how to say before in Russian
  • Explanations on the translation до это
  • Sentences that use the word “до это”
  • Questions about before in Russian, etc.

до это info.

Russian Word: до (do)

Tips to Remember the Word:
1. Think of "до" as "do" in English, but simplified. The word "до" in Russian often means "before" or "until", so you might associate it with the start of something (as in "do" something "before" another task).
2. Use the mnemonic: "Do you remember what comes before?"

"До" is used to indicate something that happens or is completed up until a certain point in time. It can also mean "before" in a temporal context.

Other Words That Mean the Same Thing:
– перед (peréd) – before (in terms of sequence)
– до того как (do togo kak) – before (with additional context)

Alternate Meanings/Slang:
"До" can also mean "up to" or "as far as." In conversational Russian, it’s often used in phrases indicating a limit in time or space.

Examples of Sentences Using "до":
1. Мы должны закончить проект до пятницы.
*My dolzhny zakonchit proyekt do pyatnitsy.*
(We must finish the project by Friday.)

2. Я буду на работе до шести.
*Ya budu na rabote do shesti.*
(I will be at work until six.)

3. До встречи!
*Do vstrechi!*
(See you later! / Until we meet!)

4. Мы дошли до конца улицы.
*My doshli do kontsa ulitsy.*
(We walked to the end of the street.)

5. До этого я никогда не был в России.
*Do etogo ya nikogda ne byl v Rossii.*
(Before this, I had never been to Russia.)

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до это info.

– Tips to remember the Russian word "до":
– Think of the English words "do" and "due." They sound similar and can help you remember the Russian word "до," which means "before" or "until."
– Visualize a door ("до" sounds like "door") that you must go through before reaching your destination.

– Explanations:
– The word "до" is used to indicate a point in time or a condition before another event or situation occurs.
– It often functions as a preposition in Russian.

– Other words that mean the same thing:
– "Перед" (pered) – can also mean "before," but is more often used in the sense of "in front of" or "preceding."

– Alternate meanings like slang:
– There are no significant slang uses for "до," as it is a straightforward preposition.

– Examples of sentences that use it:
– Я пришёл домой до дождя. (Ya prishel domoy do dozhdya.) – I came home before the rain.
– Она ушла до начала фильма. (Ona ushla do nachala filma.) – She left before the movie started.
– Работа будет готова до конца недели. (Rabota budet gotova do kontsa nedeli.) – The work will be finished by the end of the week.

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до это info.

Tips to remember the Russian word:
– To remember "до" (do), you can think of "door". Imagine a door that you need to go through before something happens.
– To remember "это" (eto), you might associate it with "it" in English, as they sound quite similar.

– "до" (do) means “before” in terms of time or sequence.
– "это" (eto) means "this" or "it".

Other words that mean the same thing:
– "перед" (pered) can also be used to mean “before” in spatial contexts, like "in front of".

Alternate meanings like slang:
– "до" (do) is straightforward in its meaning and typically does not have slang interpretations.

Examples of sentences that use it:
– "Я сделал уроки до обеда." (Ya sdelal uroki do obeda.) – I did my homework before lunch.
– "До встречи!" (Do vstrechi!) – See you soon! (Literally: Until the meeting!)

Romanized characters:
– до (do)
– это (eto)

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до это info.

### Russian Word: До (до это)

#### Tips to Remember the Russian Word:
– Think of "до" as similar to "do" in English, which can mean "until."
– Visualize a clock ticking up to a certain moment (before it reaches the point).

#### Explanations:
– "До" typically means "before" or "up to."
– It indicates a point in time or a limit in terms of distance or quantity.

#### Other Words that Mean the Same Thing:
– Прежде (prezh-de): Often used in more formal contexts.
– До того как (do to-vo kak): Used to clarify "before" with a preceding action.

#### Alternate Meanings and Slang:
– In informal speech, "до" can sometimes imply dedication up to a certain extent ("до победного конца" – "until the bitter end").

#### Examples of Sentences:
1. Мы встретились до начала фильма.
– My vstretilis' do nachala fil'ma.
– We met before the movie started.
2. Я обычно завтракаю до работы.
– Ya obychno zavtrakayu do raboty.
– I usually have breakfast before work.
3. До дома нужно идти пешком.
– Do doma nuzhno idti peshkom.
– You need to walk to the house.

### Russian Word: Это (до это)

#### Tips to Remember the Russian Word:
– "Это" sounds like "et-toh," similar to "eto" in Esperanto, meaning "this".
– Think "этот" for "this" in Russian as a clue for the shorter form "это."

#### Explanations:
– "Это" means "this" and is used to refer to an object or concept.

#### Other Words that Mean the Same Thing:
– Этот (etot), эта (eta), это (eto), эти (eti): All mean "this" but change based on gender and number.

#### Alternate Meanings and Slang:
– "Это" in slang can sometimes mean "that's it" or "that's the one."

#### Examples of Sentences:
1. Это моя книга.
– Eto moya kniga.
– This is my book.
2. Это не мое дело.
– Eto ne moyo delo.
– This is not my business.
3. Это было вчера.
– Eto bylo vchera.
– This was yesterday.

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